Christos Asteriou

Christos Asteriou

Photo credit: Zyranna Stoikou

Christos Asteriou was born in Athens in 1971. He studied German and Modern Greek literature at the Universities of Athens, Würzburg and Berlin. He was the head of the German department at the European Centre for Literary Translation, and he later worked as an investment consultant in a major Greek bank. He received a literature fellowship from the Berlin Academy of Arts (2013), the Fulbright Scholarship (2015) and the Berlin Senate Literary Scholarship (2020).  He has published three novels and short story collection and has translated several books from German. Since 2016 he has been working as a co-writer and researcher on the documentary Queen of the Deuce (Exile Films / Storyline Entertainment). He is currently teaching at the Free University in Berlin.

Published by Partizanska knjiga: Njeno nago telo i druge čudne priče.


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