Stefan Bošković

Stefan Bošković

Stefan Bošković was born in Podgorica on 15th February 1983. In 2010 he graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje. He has published the novel Šamaranje which won The Prize for the Best Unpublished Novel. His short stories and dramas have been published in several magazines and anthologies. His stories have been translated into English, Russian and Slovenian. Co-screenwriter of the feature film Ispod mosta, na travi, među stijenama, 2016. Screenwriter of the short live action film Umir krvi directed by Senad Šahmanović, 2014. Screenwriter of the documentary films Dado Đurić, 2012. Žive oči, 2014. Vice Verse, 2015. Performed dramatic texts U ljubavnom trougluKomad i Galeb.

Published by Partizanska knjiga: Transparentne životinje.

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