Produžetak vrste

Selected stories translated into German by Anne-Kathrin Godec

You can read the stories in German on the platform for new literature and culture Mozaik.

Produžetak vrste Miljan Milanović

Miljan Milanović is an author whose literary career is marked by another type of professional orientation, which is undoubtedly an advantage. A future robotics engineer, in this book Milanović moves along the edges of fiction, just to show readers how the world we once imagined has very expeditiously and irrevocably taken the place of the world in which we lived until recently. Continuation of the Species is a kind of extension of various branches of seriously studied contemporary genre capacities of the short story, as well as the options that the manipulation of certain formulas known from the poetics of fiction puts before a more thoughtful author. Such fiction is not Milanović’s goal, but a means of interpreting the world of general alienation, hopelessness, and often violence, inhabited by depressed, traumatized, but cynical and logorrheic heroes.

Miljan Milanović

Miljan Milanović was born in Zaječar in 1982. He is fascinated by artificial intelligence research and machine creativity. He no longer dabbles in music. He sails and concocts top-quality distillates. He has published the short-story collections Bending (Književna omladina Srbije, 2010) and Produžetak vrste (The Continuation of the Species) (Partizanska knjiga, 2019). His work is sporadically published in regional literary magazines.

Ane-Katrin Godec

Photo credits: Nikolas Haag

Anne-Kathrin Godec, born in 1966 in Freiburg, Germany, finished her studies of German Literature and Educational Theory and Philosophy in Cologne. She wrote radio plays and radio reports for the German radio station WDR. As a writer, she published several philosophical anthologies and literary features. Since 2008 she has been organizing literary events and festivals in her literary hotel Balatura in Northern Croatia near Crikvenica, where numerous writers from many countries all over the world have already taken part. She translates from German into Croatian and from Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian into German. She has translated novels by Richard Schuberth and others, poetry written by Joachim Sartorius, Dorta Jagić, Almin Kaplan et al. and essays by Miljenko Jergović et al. At the moment she is working on a book by Ivan Lovrenović. She writes, translates and works in Tribalj, six kilometers from the Mediterranean, with her husband and her five sons.

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