Miroslav Ćurčić Chmapions Die Too Don't They

Champions Die, Too, Don’t They?

Miroslav Ćurčić

genre: novel

series: Anglopolis

translation: Novica Petrović

afterword: Dunja Ilić

number of pages: 94

paperback edition

dimensions: 20×13.5 cm

year of publication: 2022

ISBN: 978-86-6477-088-0

price: 1000 RSD

Iz pogovora
The legendary boxing match – dancing in the ring to victory or defeat – is the central point of the novel, the one everything proceeds from or ends at. Although this is not a story about boxing, the analogy between life and a boxing match, and then also a dance marathon, is also decisive for its interpretation. In keeping with Miroslav Ćurčić’s poetics, which we could describe as – discreet, the task of interpretation, naturally enough, is left to you.

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