Ivan Radosavljević

Ivan Radosavljevic

Ivan Radosavljević, born in 1969 in Jagodina. Graduated in Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. Translating (from English, French and Spanish) since 1993. Some of the translations: Andrew Baruch Wachtel, “Making a Nation, Breaking a Nation” (2001), “Remaining Relevant after Communism: The Role of the Writer in Eastern Europe” (2006); Mikel Azurmendi, “Identidad y violencia en suelo vasco” (joint translation with Aleksandra Mančić, 2002); Collin de Plancy, “Dictionnaire Infernal” (2009), Isaiah Berlin; “Russian Thinkers” (2014).

Translations: Pogrešan čovek, Zečje ostrvo, Sabrana poezija.