Guillermo Arriaga

Giljermo Arijaga

Guillermo Arriaga (Mexico City, 1958) is a Mexican screenwriter and writer. He’s written four novels (The Guillotine SquadA Sweet Scent of DeathNight Buffalo and The Savage) and a short-story collection (Retorno 201). Arriaga’s prose has been translated into many languages. Arriaga doesn’t do adaptations of his prose for the screen nor does he write on commission. He’s written screenplays for the films Amores perros21 GramsThe Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (“The Palme d’Or” for the best screenplay at the Cannes International Film Festival, 2005), Babel (Academy Award nomination for the best screenplay, 2007), Night Buffalo and The Burning Plain.

Published by Partizanska knjiga: Retorno 201.

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