György Spiró

Photo credit: Márton Merész

György Spiró was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1946. He studied Russian, Serbo-Croation and Hungarian literatures at ELTE, Budapest, with fellowships in the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. In his career, he has worked as a journalist, editor, distinguished professor, dramaturg, artistic and managing director, visiting scholar, lecturer of drama, and translator. Since 1978 he has been a lecturer at the ELTE, Budapest University. His doctoral thesis titled East-Central European Drama from the Enlightenment to the First World War was published in 1986. So far, he has published 10 novels, 3 short-story collections, about 30 plays, a number of essays and monographies, and 6 film scripts. He is fluent in Russian, Polish, Serbo-Croation, Check, Slovak, and English, and he can read French, German, Italian, and Bulgarian. He is the recipient of more than 30 prestigious awards. He is Member of the Belle Lettre’s Union, and of Szechenyi Academy. He lives in Budapest.

Published by Partizanska knjiga: Sanjao sam za tebe.

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